Director's Message

Tiffany Jones, Director

Hi! I’m Tiffany Jones (aka, Mama Jones). Education has been something I have been drawn to for as long as I can remember. I have seen it change lives and open eyes. I have taught in public schools, private schools, and even been a private tutor. I have taught pre-K through 12th grade in many different subject areas. Over my time teaching, one question kept arising: “Why?”  Why do we have school? Why is this important? While an easy answer to this question is “to gain knowledge,” this answer didn’t always seem to fit.

After processing what I was seeing, Jeremy and I began researching different educational models. Through this research we found one word: “microschools”. This led us to realize the different educational models, which led us to seek advice, research other school models, and pray a lot. We finally came to the conclusion that God was leading us to start our own learner-driven micro church school here in Atmore, AL.

Our philosophy is to reach students for Christ through education, while allowing students and families to take ownership of their own education. Through the years Jeremy and I have served ministry, we have seen how teaching has led to Gospel conversations. Our goal is to offer a different option from the other conventional educational model schools as we share in the same calling as Christians to “train up a child in the way they should go.”