Students will participate in a daily devotion, Christ-centered music, and focus on Biblical character such as the pursuit of truth, godliness, righteousness, love, joy, peace, gentleness, kindness, patience, perseverance, meekness, humility, self-control, compassion, thankfulness, forgiveness, contentment, and unity.

Core Skills

Core skills are the basic academic skills that each student needs to progress to the next level. Some of the curriculum that will be used to address these skills are Khan Academy, NoRedInk, Hillsdale College's history resources, a wide variety of books, Writers Workshops, and a selection of manipulatives for a hand-ons approach.

Quests & Civilization

Quests are challenges that extend over a period of several weeks which allow our students to apply what they have learned in their core skills to a real world application. These quests can be based on something they want to explore in a scientific area or what they have learned during their civilization time.

Civilization is a time where students deep dive into a period in history. They will learn what happened during a given time period, where these events occurred, and how they have impacted our world today.


Students will also be able to explore different art projects, music in a choir setting, and PE. Students can also explore different interests utilizing community events (i.e., Theatre and Family Trips).